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Kalina Tyrkiel

Content Designer at Docplanner


Content designer with 7+ years of experience working with SaaS companies, agencies, startups, scaleups, and industries ranging from health tech to e-commerce. Dedicated to teaching people and helping them find their content design path. Currently a part of a content design team of 10 at Docplanner.

Kalina Tyrkiel


Long Lecture
UX Writing

I’m into UX writing. Now what?

Now that you know content goes first and plain language is key, it’s time to dig deeper and figure out how to make it all work in your organization.

How to take a step back, reflect, and make the best use of your current UX writing resources? How to hire content professionals and structure work to get the best results? We’ll talk about collaboration, content style guides you’ll actually use, designing for diverse groups and markets, and possible development paths for UX writing professionals. Get ready for real-life challenges and case studies from an in-house specialist and an external consultant. Hands-on experience only, no filler!

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Kalina Tyrkiel



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