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Jakub Dziedzic

Lead Product Designer, Ramp


Outcome-oriented product designer with over 10 years of experience in creating digital experiences. Personally interested in psychology, business, technology, and design itself, capable of bringing value at every phase of the design process. Previously, I was responsible for managing the team of designers and working more on the agency side of things. Nowadays I'm on the product side of the spectrum, trying to make web3 an accessible place for the future.

Jakub Dziedzic


Long Lecture
UX Research

Between the lines of stakeholders: maintaining a great relationship resulting in outcomes and opportunities.

Communicating and trust building between the designer and stakeholders is crucial for bringing great value to the digital product. If you have it, impossible becomes possible. I'd like to discuss how to maintain the awesome relationship between designer and stakeholder(s), as well as share the most important rules of thumb on research, formulating hypotheses, interviewing people, and validating your design decisions while building agreements between the two parties along the way.

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Jakub Dziedzic



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