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Gonçalo Teixeira

Product Designer at Spline


Gonçalo is a Product Designer at Spline – a tool for creating 3D web experiences. Where he’s helping to make 3D accessible, easier, and fun for everyone with thoughtful UI/UX design. He was previously a full-stack freelance designer helping startup founders and business owners make better creative decisions and grow faster. Gonçalo is a self-taught designer from Portugal. He has been practicing design and involved in the design community since 2012.

Gonçalo Teixeira


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Gonçalo Teixeira




Get Started Designing in 3D with Spline

The workshop will teach you the basics of Spline - a web-based real-time collaborative 3D design tool. It will explore the basic concepts of 3D design and how to go from an idea to an interactive 3D experience.

We will spend time walking through the Spline app and key features to design in 3D, including tools, materials, animation, game controls, and more. At the end of this product walkthrough, we will have an open session where people can create their first project with Spline. During the session, there will be hands-on support to answer questions and help understand how to better use the product with the support from the Spline team.

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