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Daniel Wodziczka

UI Designer at Software Mansion

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What’s up, Daniel Wodziczka speaking. I’m a UI Designer specializing in creating design systems, managing design processes, cooperation between design and development, and everything that is related. I say what I know directly, I don't darken and don't make it up. Everything I tell you is from my own experience - you can expect that from me every time we see each other.

Daniel Wodziczka


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Power Talk
Design & No-Code

Branching - The ultimate way to version your work in Figma

I would like to share how we used the Branching feature available in Figma, how it facilitated cooperation between 4 groups (Design, Development, QA, Customer), why it is the ultimate way to version and manage the progress of your work, etc. I'll explain the story of how I got into it, how I use it, how the 4 groups benefit from one feature and also I'll give some protips from my first experiments.

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Daniel Wodziczka



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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