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Ania Koronowicz

Senior UX Designer at Atlassian

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UX Designer focused on delivering end-to-end experiences for enterprise customers at Atlassian. In the past 10 years, she worked at Wikia (now Fandom) and PayLane (now Polskie e-płatności / Polish e-Payments). Since 2021, she’s been teaching UX at SWPS University in Sopot.

Ania Koronowicz


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Long Lecture
Research & Discovery

Building relationship with your users

How regular meetings with the largest enterprises helped us deliver user value. How can we build the right thing for our users if they don’t even know what they don’t know and need?

Tasked with accelerating Enterprise customers to cloud, my team learned that cross-deployments are uncharted but important space for both us and our customers. In this talk, I’ll share how we decided to venture on the transition journey together with our customers and created a safe space with them to explore ideas, spar concepts, and accelerate decision making. I’ll also share what worked, what didn’t, and why you should always have plan C for every meeting.

What you will learn?

Do’s and don’ts of starting a customer-centric feedback program,

Examples of techniques for problematic interviews,

How to plan scaling up the initiative.

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Ania Koronowicz



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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