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Building Scalable Apps With No-Code


There’s a stigma with No-Code that it isn’t scalable and isn’t secure. No-Code is great for quickly setting up an MVP, but when it’s time to address scalability and security concerns, you need to transition to traditional code. Traditional development concepts remain true - whether you’re in a traditional programming environment or a no-code/low-code environment. No-Code today has the tools to address this.

What is scalability?

Scalability means your app can meet the demands of growing usage, development, performance, and reliability. When considering the scalability of a platform, consider the following:


Database scalability (horizontal, vertical, indexing)

Optimizing API Queries

Extensibility of Business Logic

Secure data & compliance

Solutions offered today:

Infrastructure – typically on a multi-tenant, shared environment. Meaning, you share performance with other users. Single-tenancy allows you to be in an isolated environment, protected, and have your own dedicated resources. E.g., multi-tenancy is like you are in an apartment building sharing all resources, single-tenant, you are in your own house, and resources are just for you.

Database - some tools like Airtable and Webflow may have record limits. Leveraging a decoupled backend like Supabase, Xano, Firebase, etc., allows you to leverage database scaling capabilities of large production apps.

Optimizing API Queries - Transformations on the front-end may be fine for smaller, simple apps. As you grow, consider a backend tool designed with performance best practices - examples include Fastgen (Low-code), Xano, etc.

Extensibility of Business Logic - Related to the above topic, CRUD (create, reading, updating, deleting, and basic queries are common for tools like Airtable, Zapier, and spreadsheet tools). But if you require more complex and nuanced data transformations to make your app unique, look to tools like Xano, Buildship, or Fastgen, which unlock the power of traditional coding in a no-code or low-code framework.

Securing data & compliance - as your app grows and scales, protecting your user's data becomes imperative. Compliance like GDPR in Europe may be required, or ISO certs to combat and respond to cyber threats. Getting your app approved is vital, but you also need your data processors to be approved. Tools like Xano and Supabase are paving the way for this.

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