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Gábor Pribék

Senior Product Designer at Spline


Gábor Pribék's background has a focus on the user experience of emerging technologies within the creative industry seeking ways to improve productivity. Currently, he is a Senior Product Designer at Spline  - a tool for creating 3D web experiences. Previously worked at Prezi working on the cross-platform Prezi Video 2.0 – bringing human connection to online communication and presentation. He also worked at Shapr3D – an Apple Award Design winner 3D modeling app. In his free time he is a doctorate researcher at MOME - exploring productivity applications of mixed reality technology.

Gábor Pribék


Power Talk
Future of design

The Future of 3D Design at Spline

3D design is becoming a fundamental part of the design field. A paradigm shift is happening where 3D is becoming more essential to the design process and recent happening within ML is supercharging the creative process of it.

The talk will explore the history of 3D, common misconceptions about what it is, its current status, and how it could impact the future of design. Gábor will share their learnings building a web-based real-time collaborative 3D design tool, and how it introduces a more accessible 3D design process that can scale.

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Gábor Pribék




Get Started Designing in 3D with Spline

The workshop will teach you the basics of Spline - a web-based real-time collaborative 3D design tool. It will explore the basic concepts of 3D design and how to go from an idea to an interactive 3D experience.

We will spend time walking through the Spline app and key features to design in 3D, including tools, materials, animation, game controls, and more. At the end of this product walkthrough, we will have an open session where people can create their first project with Spline. During the session, there will be hands-on support to answer questions and help understand how to better use the product with the support from the Spline team.

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