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Piotr Butlewski

Tonik / Senior No-code Developer

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Developer who started his career creating Design Systems in Uniforma Studio. Having assimilated web standards, he began to implement projects using no-code technologies. Transitioning to bigger projects at SYZYGY Warsaw, he was a part of the team responsible for creating the design system and UI library for the third biggest Polish e-commerce platform. Now, as a Senior No-Code Developer at Tonik, he continues to apply his expertise in both design systems and no-code development to create innovative solutions.

Piotr Butlewski


Long Lecture

Playing with LEGOs: No-code for component libraries

The modern product design paradigm is strictly oriented towards the creation of design systems.Both on the design and development side, we see a huge focus on creating component libraries, which are essential building blocks for entire products. However, these two worlds exist completely separately.

This talk will explore the potential of using no-code tools to integrate these environments. We will examine how these component libraries can be used in the prototyping process of websites and applications and possibly the creation of MVP solutions.

Join me as we explore the possibilities of bridging the gap between design and development through the use of no-code tools.

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Piotr Butlewski



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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